Why it’s essential to surround yourself with the right people


Do you remember your mom warning you about spending time with certain friends because you become whom you hang out with? At the point though, you were young with so much energy that you wanted to hang out with different people. It was your way of finding a footing although sometimes you kept off people based on how they made you feel. The skill to only attune to those who make you inspired, however, comes with age.


As you begin to mature, you start making decisions on whom you should hang out with as a way of self-preservation. You realize that when you hang out with trouble makers, you are most likely going to get into trouble. If you are hanging out with people with low self-esteem, Debbie downers, and whiners, then your life will always feel like it’s going nowhere. If you hang out with inspiring people, they lift you, and you also feel the need to do the same to others.

Surrounding yourself with the right people is vital in all aspects of your life. Be it at work, with family, with friends or on issues about your health. It means only letting certain people into your dreams, aspirations, soul, and heart. This action is not in any way snorty; you are just protecting your hopes, dreams, and energy. As you grow older, you realize that some people will not support your dreams. They will continuously provide thousands of reasons as to why you can’t succeed in different ventures. When this happens, follow Hans F. Hasen’s advice by picking people wisely depending on whether they inspire or drain you.


This message is perfect for anyone trying to choose the right people, those who want to achieve big things in life, and those fighting chronic illnesses.

At some point in life, you must sit and take stock of the friends you have in life. It may take some time, but eventually, you learn to pick those in your corner. An excellent elimination formula for this exercise is noting how people make you feel when you are with them. Listen to your soul, spirit, body, and mind while letting your inner wisdom and intuition guide you. Ask yourself whether they make you feel motivated, inspired or refreshed. Do they support you wholeheartedly? Do they want you to be the best version of you? Do they uplift your spirits and help you achieve your dreams? Then it would be best if you kept them.

However, if when around them you feel annoyed, drained, and choosy on topics to talk about, then you need to let go of these relationships. These people on hearing your dreams and aspiration, always shut you down with reasons why you can’t. Avoid people who kill your dreams, make you feel drained or uninspired.

In your quest to find the perfect crowd, you will realize that there are some in the middle area. For example, they may not be inspiring, but they don’t shut down your dreams. They have their good and bad. With this kind of situation, go with your gut. Tune in to your intuition and decide to stay or leave.

This exercise can be tough if you are a people pleasers. You would do whatever you can so that you don’t offend others. You want to avoid conflict or placate the situation while disregarding your feelings. It’s important to learn how to protect your energy if you’re going to succeed in life.

It would help if you also became a person who inspires and motivates others. Do the exercise on yourself and find out if you make people feel bummed and exhausted when they are around you. Are you continually bringing your friends down or do you inspire and motivate them? The truth may not be what you want to hear, but it’s your chance to improve and grow. It’s your first step towards progress. Ask yourself if you are the kind of person, you would want to hang out with.

Finding the right people in your life is important. It’s the first step towards creating and having space to make your dreams a reality. You also become someone who inspires and motivates others to be their best.


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