Family Life: Expectation vs. Reality


From when we are young, we grow up with the vision of one day having a perfect family. The one full of love that we see in magazines and movies. The loving family with lots of love, loyalty, compassion, and support. We go through education and our careers with that dream intact until we finally start our families. Then it finally dawns on us that these expectations do not always hold true.

Your family will have fun times, but not exactly as depicted in magazines. Sometimes, it takes strength to find humor and fun in some of the situations. Prim and proper cases will be few, and most of the times you will be dealing with nightmarish events. However, those nightmarish situations are usually the most fun and are the ones you will cherish for a long time. Family life has all the ingredients – laughter, love, joy, emotions and love just not in the way we expect it to happen. The following are some instances when reality fails to meet our expectations of a perfect family.

Home sweet home

After work, all one wants to do is get home to a clean and tidy house, sit by the couch your feet on the table and relax. However, most of the time, the kids and pets will ruin that expectation. You come home to food smudges on the chairs, toys everywhere, and a chair Timmy the dog decided to ravage after playing fetch with the kids.


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