Benefits of Living a Spiritual Lifestyle


Spiritual people are gracious, and always hope for the best. They love others making them healthy, compassionate, and self-actualized. Nowadays spiritualism is about seeking a higher level of awareness and a path toward oneness with the creator. People come to the realm of and people do this through religion, meditation, yoga, or personal reflection.

Here are the top favourable attributes of spiritual people:

Graciousness is linked to many favourable emotions such as optimism, generosity as in sharing time and resources willingly, and a renewed sense of vitality. Spirituality inspires people to act in an encouraging and supportive manner towards others, which is displayed in these life practices.

People who are spiritual know what love is about and they are compassionate. Being capable of feeling compassion toward others is an essential component of living a spiritual life. This also includes appreciation for the little things in life, and viewing the world around you with sympathy and kindness.

Spirituality is connected to many vital characteristics of human existence that lead to success. These people enjoy healthy relationships because they are able to interact with others in a positive manner, which gives these individuals increased self-esteem. The high confidence makes the flourish and this translates to happiness. Since, they believe they have a power that provides they only concentrate in achieving their purpose.

People who are deeply spiritual make having a better life their goal and believe personal growth and satisfaction are essential to a happy existence. Spirituality leads to self-actualization, as it forces individuals to concentrate on their innermost values and to continually put their energy into changing themselves and becoming better people.

People who focus on their spirituality set aside time for reflection. They reflect on what they have accomplished each day and create enduring memories of what they have experienced. Doing this every day helps them to become more aware of the small experiences in life that can bring great joy.

Spirituality’s Positive Influence on Health

Research has proven that spirituality and spiritual related activities do have real value for people. A spiritual life has positive effects on both mental and physical well being:

College students in Canada taking part in campus ministries had less need to see the doctor. Furthermore, they achieved higher scores on tests of psychological well-being, and handled stress more efficiently.

Older women are frequently more thankful for God’s blessings than older men, and thus they acquire better stress-buffering health effects due to the sense of serenity this brings on.

Individuals with deep internal religious inclination displayed less physiological reactivity toward stress than those with an extrinsic religious inclination. Furthermore, they were less afraid of death and had greater feelings of well-being.

Those who internalized religion devoted their lives to God or their higher power while the more extrinsically oriented ones used religion to achieve external goals such as creating friendships or raising their social standing within their community. This led to growth in their lives and hope that tomorrow will be better.

There are real and enduring benefits derived from continued participation in a spiritual community. This participation can act as a shield protecting the individual from stress and can improve physical health. Lastly, devotion to God or a “higher power” leads to reduced stress reactivity, a stronger sense of well-being, and lessens the fear of death. Prayer and spirituality lead to; better health, good for hypertension patients, helps to cope with mental stress, and overall improved mental health.


The information above is inspiring and can encourage you to rediscover you long forgotten spiritual beliefs. By retracing your steps, you can go back to your religion or any spiritual path or join one if you have never experienced any. There are well established one and have something worth giving a thought.

Every person has a unique spiritual journey, so check and see what will work for. By doing that you can be sure to enjoy some of the above benefits of spirituality regardless of the faith you choose.


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