Common Pairs of Shoes Every Woman Should Own


According to Carrie Bradshaw, you can never have too many shoes. This may be the case, but you must think about the budget and closet space. However, you can make your shopping experience seamless by ensuring you have these must-have shoes in every woman’s closet. Having these pairs ensures that you have something to wear for every occasion. You can still go on a shopping spree and purchase every shoe that calls unto you, but these six pairs must be in your closet.

Flats are an answer to every woman’s prayer. They are great and match with any outfit including jeans, skirts, dresses,and shorts. They look good and feminine. You can also wear them for different occasions including running errands, dropping off the kids at school, running around after kids and even for the office when your feet need a rest. The flats are essential wear for every woman. Having them in neutral colors is great because they can match different outfits. Have either a black, grey or subtle leopard print flat shoe. The patterns are also great, and the classic shapes tend to last longer.

Ballerina pumps are a must have especially for the woman who loves comfort. They are perfect for running errands or letting your feet breath after the heels did a number on you. They can also be paired with anything and look good with different outfits. However, you must make sure the ballerina pump color does not clash with the colors of your outfit. A mute pair can solve this issue but if you want to add some pop to your outfit, go for an animal print pump.

Recently, the trend is leaning towards sneakers. They are a must-have. They have become a woman’s go-to shoe,especially for casual occasions. They are comfortable, available in different colors and can be worn all year round. You can wear them with jeans, casual dresses, shorts,and leggings. You can wear them to that weekend hangout or a casual date,and you will look great in them. You can pair the neutral colors with any outfit from chiffon dresses to jeans. The white sneakers especially look great with anything. The only problem is that you always must keep them clean.
Classic pumps are another must have. They are great for many occasions including weddings, parties, church and so many more. You can never go wrong with them especially if you own a nude or black pair. A good pair can help you from Monday to Sunday, for every occasion. Black or nude pumps are a safe bet because they can go with anything. You may have a couple of this but have one in black. Black heels are always ready to go, plus they make bold statements.

Every woman needs boots for the winter and fall months. You can choose to go for the ankle, knee-high or over the knee boots.The also come in different varieties. There are some with high heels, a little stacked heel while others are flat. The flat pair can be worn everyday while the little stacked one is great with jeans or a dress. Ankle boots add a little edge to your look. They can be worn in the fall and winter. You can wear them with black pants, skinny jeans or a swingy skirt. The midweight stacked heel is comfortable, flatters your legs and is easy to walk in.

It’s time to move past the flip-flops unless you are going for a swim. Sandals are the in thing now. They are available in different styles and colors. The nude shades are great because you can wear them with anything from maxi sundresses to casual shorts.

Speaking of sandals, you deserve a nice pair of ankle strap sandals in a nude color. They may not be practical, but you will look great everytime you put them on. You can splash some money on these, but you have to choose one that can be dressed up or down with a dress, jeans, shorts,and skirts.

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