The Most 30 Most Beautiful Infinity Pools in the World


1) Amankila: Bali, Indonesia

Amankila’s infinity pool is among the best infinity pools around the globe. This type of pool provides an excellent view of the Lombok Strait due to its traditional rice fields and the fact that it cascades down a cliffside in three tiers. Also, in this luxury resort, there are over 34 Balinese-style suits with various designs that were inspired by the Karangasem palaces.

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This Cat Is Going Viral For Its Hilariously Dramatic Reactions

1. Oh No! Who woke him up? Did someone say something nasty about his cute little white legs? Please don't even get me started about those yellow eyes, but I think he is quite bored at home and he’s barely into his sleep with his body half away from his little bed. Do you think…