The Big Trends from Paris Fashion Week 2019


The Paris Fashion week came to an end marking the end of the Fall 2019 season. It was one of the most jam-packed weeks, and Paris did not disappoint. It was a week of high caliber designs from the Paris-based designers each with stunning designs more original than the last. The late Karl Lagerfeld’s emotional indoor Swiss Chalets, the Saint Laurent’s Antony Vaccarello to the Luis Vuitton colorful Pompidou at the Louvre.

Many characteristics define trends. A repetition can imply trajectory, sartorial chemistry does the trick sometimes (like the 80’s theme displayed by some houses), it could be that the buyers like the new or that the designs are wearable. The cloth must make the wearer feel cool, confident and comfortable. If they don’t feel these things, they won’t wear it. Therefore, the designers have to make their outfits rock. The designs must have an it-factor that drives buyers to like how they feel in them.

Stakes were high in Paris as this is the show where brands showcase fashions to come up in the following months. There were plenty of outfits and designs throughout the nine days, but you need to look out for these styles. Few months down the line, these outfits will be around and here to stay.

Hats were available in different fun shapes and sizes. From the lace and chiffon by Valentino and Courrèges, the tilted fedoras by Saint Laurent, the toppers in bold proportions by Nina Ricci and Ann Demeuleme, the whimsical flapped caps by Loewe, to the Muppet pieces by Koché and Kenzo.

The explicit checkerboard printing was a hit with indie designers and heavy hitters. There was the classic neutral-toned blazer covered in squares; the swirled and straight variations, colorful iterations of the checkerboard, and the bold black and white. Floral designs were also trending but what made them different was their accessories. The designers paired the florals with interesting, eye-catching prints that made the outfits exciting.

Except for the soundtracks that screamed the 80’s theme this season, the runway also favored some 80’s themed designs. From the short hemlines, the statement shoulders and the high-gloss finishes. The strong shoulders paired with nipped waists on the Louis Vuitton designs reference the 80’s with a futuristic twist, McQueen had oversized rosettes on both dresses and suits complete with edgy accessories while Lemaire had a suit with puffed sleeves at the top that tapered at the waist. They accessorized the look with rosettes, tulles, and cutouts for an eye-catching effect.

Milan heralded the blanket dressing, and it made its way to Paris. The puffer jacket was replaced by the grandma-worthy guilting as the cozy coat today. The trend is available in different ranges from the silky pieces embroidered and stuffed to comfort to the graphic patchwork. This means that you will be comfortable with a blanket this winter.

The baggy is no longer trending, and the oversized exaggerated designs are out. There were sharply tailored looks that flattered the body contours. The designers rediscovered the waistline after years of enormous and draping coats. Designers have reinterpreted sharply tailored, and luxe neutrals to classic designs. They have deconstructed, cut up and pieced them together again. The skirt dress was an interesting piece as it had undone buttons and askew hems that did not lose the polished look.

The show went a notch higher on the final day of Paris fashion week. There were feathers on different outfits from the Karl Lagerfeld’s collection, Nicolas Ghesquière to the Luis Vuitton. The designers added glam without being targets of the anti-fur activists. Guy Laroche used them to glam up shoes while Cédric Charlier and Balmain added movement to jackets with feathers.

Colorful leather, a popular street style also made its way to Paris Fashion Week. The leather pieces were in neutral tones and vivid hues. The designers upped the look by not only having a leather skirt or jacket but pairing leather with leather. A dress and red blazer leather combo or a full leather suit are the go-to styles. The color choices will get bigger and bolder with time to usher in leather orange blouses from Jonathan Cohen and many more.


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