Shoes Every Man Needs In His Closet


They may not brag about it, but men have a passion for shoes. They love them and treasure them. They do not buy on impulse but instead, make calculated decisions on what shoe will get what job done. Their purchase decisions on shoes are calculated and so is their wearing the said shoes. Below is a list of men shoes for specific occasions and seasons. These shoes are a must-have in every man’s closet. You could have over 100 pairs of shoes, but these are essential.

Every man needs a solid pair of loafers. They are great for semi-formal outfits and are comfortable to wear. Accessorize them in different styles, from the buckles, tassels to plain leather. Choose one that suits your style and one you can wear to work on casual Fridays.

The Chukkas are comfortable, unpretentious and great as business casual boots. They make a man look sharp even on occasions he is trying to make an impression. You can go to the office with them and still look good in them at a Saturday night party. They look great with jeans or khakis plus they are readily available with most shoemakers. There are various brands to choose from including Clarks Desert Boots, Red Wing, Cole Haan, and Sperry.

Duck boots are great for wet weather. They protect the toes from getting wet, and you can trudge around in them on a slushy day. They become a necessity, especially during storms and puddle streets. Dress boots, on the other hand, are high fashion and are great for the cold weather. Take great care of them and treat them with leather conditioner and mink oil. Let them maintain their elegant look, and they will last longer. Get proper work boots too. They are great for ankle stability, proper traction, and toe protection. With work boots, you can help your buddy at their farm, walk without slipping when digging a pond, and security from fracturing toes when items fall on it. Go for work site ready boots from brands like Wolverine, Red Wing, Timberland, Danner, Carhartt, etc.

Good gym sneakers are good for sweating in. Whether you are a morning jogger or are into weight lifting, or want to keep fit. Go for a pair of sneakers that stays fresh all the time during purchase. The Casual street sneakers, on the other hand, are your go-to shoes. They are reliable, comfortable and study. You can run with them to the store, get an oil change in them, wear on casual Fridays and still look good in them every time. They are built for comfort and last for years.

Flip Flops are great for walking around in the summer and are another must-have for every man. They make using the urinal a harrowing experience, and its guaranteed some piss will hit your toes at the bar, but they are worth it. Choose a brand that can be washed and dries quickly. Get slippers too while you are at it, it’s time to stop walking around the house like a Neanderthal and exposing everyone else in the house to foot fungus. The sleepers are a man’s last shoe before bed and first in the morning. They keep your feet warm during the winter, and without a pair of terrycloth scuffs or a suede moccasin, you are not a true Bro. You know your girlfriend loves them too because she keeps stealing them. The only thing they need is a regular replacement because they don’t rhyme well with foot sweat.

The Birkenstocks are also great for the summer. Their advantage over flip flops is that they do not come off your feet easily and you can walk in them on rough and rocky surfaces. They wrap your feet in comfort, and every man needs to get a pair for the summer. They also make jumping in and out of water easy especially if you love water sports.

The awesome feeling when you can wear leather shoes without needing socks! That is what the boat shoes are for. Nothing compares to this wonderful sensation. The boat shoes are timeless and match any outfit. Their season never ends. The leather dress shoes are another must-have for every man. These are your go-to shoes when you need to go formal. They are great for attending funerals, weddings, retirement dinners, achievement banquets,and every other special formal occasion. They don’t have to be designer hand-stitched to be presentable, no! Just look for a leather dress shoe that looks impeccable. Make sure to get one in black too!

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