How Motivation Boosts Wellness


There are so many things around us including jobs, families and some of them can hinder us from progressing. You have to set goals and achieve them for your life to progress. However, it’s not easy; you need something to keep you going. Having to spread some goodwill messages to others and still deal with your stress leaves you with almost nothing for yourselves. But you need to be motivated to watch your health and follow a healthy life style.

Everyone one needs someone to motivate them so that you can remain on the right path. In this article, we discuss benefits of motivational when applied daily as explained a holistic nutritionist, Tanya Thomforde from Prescribe Nutrition.

Tanya’s profession is to help others and every day she meets people looking for help on how to achieve their wellness. However, she used this project to focus on herself because self-care is essential. According to her, she has been focused on other people’s wellness and she needed something to make her think about her wellbeing. The oxygen mask analogy is one of their talks at Prescribe Nutrition, which means she should put on her oxygen mask before thinking about those around her. Tanya’s knows it’s easy to get lost in her clients, but without good health, they will not gain anything from her.

Daily busy schedules leave us with no time for ourselves, but we need to be grounded by some simple reminders. The chaos of everyday life and work will make you forget, so write some messages and put them where you can see them daily. By reminding ourselves of the importance of taking a moment to regroup, we enrich our ability to work and offer better services. It is a moment of nourishing ourselves that we sometimes forgo or simply forget and using some reminders, we will not lose the track.

At times we tend to lose momentum no matter how well we’re doing before getting to the slow point. During such times, let small effort work for you for a big reap. The small motivational messages sometimes appear to be doing very little, but with time you realize they have lifted you and their influence will keep you afloat. Keep reminding yourself and do it several times a day. The small doses of positivity will ensure you stay right on track.

According to Tanya, there is power in seeing your goals written down. Seeing them in black and white makes you believe they are achievable. You can keep the stickers in various parts of your home where they are visible. Tanya loves taking notes, but she says notes in a book remain hidden all day and do not have much impact on the user. However, if you stick them in areas where you can quickly access them, the power of their influence will positively shape your life.

Every project has its challenges, and there are times when you want to give up. But having some motivating stickers in your home will boost your wellness while encouraging you to keep striving until you attain your goals. Those sticky notes will make you stay focused and stick to your plan regardless of the ups and downs you experience.

All your goals, resolutions and projects in progress should be in your mind. Writing down is not enough because the piece of prepare can get lost. If you have been stagnant and have not attained much, don’t beat yourself. Use the tips above to say motivated; they are simple habits and points that will improve your life.

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