How Meditation Makes Your Life Better


Meditation is important and if you have never experienced it, you have been missing out many benefits. It is a simple practice, but profoundly great for your health. You may be wondering how on earth sitting by yourself can be beneficial to your health. There are different ways to do meditation, and they include: Walking meditation, Breathing meditation, Mantra meditation, Mindfulness meditation, Lying meditation, and Concentration meditation.

A study conducted by Harvard School medical showed that meditation helps to reduce stress levels. It took them eight weeks and 16 participants where they used mindfulness meditation. They attended the meditation weekly and also meditated privately using audio recordings to guide them. After almost two months, the participants showed a lot improvement especially stress reduction.

It goes without saying that when stress goes down, blood pressure also reduces. Studies have been done on people with blood pressure, and it shows that it helps lower blood pressure. It enables you to relax and enhances blood flow.

Good health is crucial for you and meditation will help improve immunity. This means you do get affected by illness too often. It is also proven that meditation can help reduce inflammation. Besides, HIV patients also benefit as meditation boost immune cells in the body. This means the growth of the virus will be suppressed.

Apart from helping you calm down, it clears your mind, and you can sleep peacefully at night. At Harvard Medical School, a study was carried out on 49 people who had sleeping problems. Half of them underwent mindfulness meditation, which showed them how to concentrate and focus on the present. The group went through to a class that taught them how to sleep better and quality sleep. The group that went to meditation class was less fatigued and slept better than they did before the session.

Sitting down to meditate for 20 minutes per day can have a profound effect on your ability to focus and be productive during your workday. It helps in controlling the brain waves known as alpha rhythms. They help you remain focused by suppressing sensory information that can cause distraction. You also become more productive, which makes you feel you are doing something worth and in the long run prevents stress.

Meditation helps you calm your nerves. It’s the feeling you get due to high intake of caffeine. It makes you jittery, and you cannot calm down. No one likes feeling tense or somehow high and applying meditation helps to calm the nervous system. It can help normalize your pulse rate and you can relax and allow the body to rest through natural relaxation.

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